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About us

Tomos & Lilford brewery was started in 2013 by Rolant Tomos and brothers, Rob and Jim Lilford. Today, it's Rob at the helm.

We came about through a love of brewing beer that evoked feelings of convivial, happy times in our lives. Family gatherings with the warm, unmistakeable smell of Dad’s kitchen home brew; the wild plants we’d crush underfoot on big Sunday walks; trips to far-off lands that filled our senses with unexpected fragrance and flavours we’d never experienced before. 

We started up in a shipping container held together with crocodile clips and a lot of love. Today the love remains, but we’re an eight-barrel outfit supplying retailers of all shapes and sizes, restaurants, bars and festivals throughout the UK. We brew the signature beers for some of Wales’s most loved places and people including Wright's Food Emporium, the Scarlets rugby team and St Fagan’s, the National Museum of History.

To us, beer tells a story, tugs our heartstrings a little. That’s really what we’re about. We want you to sit down and take a sip and be transported somewhere surprising. Somewhere that brings a smile to your face. 

Rob Lilford 

Rob Lilford, Founder

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